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Designer Interviews

Submitted on: 11 Apr 09

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In short, Designer Interviews compiles, organizes, and edits interviews with web and type designers from around the globe. In long, it’s really the same thing…

Designer Interviews is a resource on web designers, graphic designers, UI designers, type designers, that gives people a place to go when they want to a) feel inspired by successes in their fields, or b) read about the techniques and strategies that have made people who they are.

We have only complied material on less than a percent of all of the designers in the world, because we want the best, most useful content (and not random mumbo-jumbo from designers you can’t relate to). However, if you love a designer (or are a designer) that you feel should be interviewed on this site, feel free to use the contact page to get in touch (English-speaking designers only please!).

Thanks for reading and we really hope you enjoy the site!

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